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When the novel coronavirus appears, we need to wear a mask. At present, the most effective masks are KN95, FFP2 and N95 masks. Let me introduce the difference between KN95, FFP2 and N95 masks:

1. KN95 is a kind of masks conforming to Chinese standards, FFP2 is the European standard for masksand N95 is the American Standard for masks. The biggest difference between the two is just the different names. They both represent a kind of masks that can filter the non oil particles in the air more than 95%.

2. As the domestic and international test standards for masks are the same, it is said that KN95, FFP2 and N95 masks have the same protective effect, and there is no difference.

3. Because the protective effect of these three kinds of masks is very good, it will be difficult to breathe after wearing this kind of mask, so when wearing this kind of mask, we should pay attention to breathe more.

4. In addition to these two kinds of masks, surgical masks, disposable medical masks and KN90 masks also have certain protective effects. As long as they are not in close contact with patients, we can also wear these masks. However, it should be noted that ordinary cotton masks do not have the effect of filtering bacteria.

5. When wearing the mask, we should master the correct wearing method, discard the mask after it is used or damaged by damp, and do not reuse it.

6. When using the mask, try to make the mask fully fit your face, cover your nose and mouth, and check whether the mask leaks. Only in this way can the mask play a maximum role.

Method summary:

1. KN95, FFP2 and N95 masks both represent a type of respirator with a filtration efficiency of more than 95% for non oil particles in the air.

2. There is no difference in the protective effect between KN95, FFP2 and N95 masks.

3. After wearing these three kinds of masks, you will have difficulty breathing, so you should slowly adapt and pay attention to ventilation.

4. Surgical masks, disposable medical masks and KN90 masks can also be used as long as they are not in close contact with patients.

5. Master the correct method of wearing the mask, do not reuse the mask, even if the mask is damaged by moisture, please discard it.

6. Try to make the mask fully fit your face and completely cover your nose and mouth.

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