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We are a professional KN95(KN95 have the same test standard with FFP2 and N95), disposable masks and surgical masks supplier in China. KN95 masks, disposable masks and surgical masks are available. We have stock,we can deliver for you within 48 hours.

Production capacity of KN95 is 500,000 pcs, 1,000,000 pcs for disposable and surgical ones each day. We have CE and FDA certificates, ship worldwide. Wholesale and Retail are available. Any types can be customorized.

KN95 mask unit price is 1.5 USD, KN95 mask with exhalation valve unit price is 1.96 USD.

Disposable masks unit price is 0.25 USD, Surgical masks unit price is 0.48 USD.

KN95 MasksDisposable Masks and Surgical Masks MOQ is 1000 pcs.

Large amount, please contact terryanbusafety@163.com for discount, buy more save more!

our company

We know as customers you want the KN95, disposable and surgical masks at the most affordable price. We pledge to provide you with the best possible service, Factory price and reliability! We will bring the same excellance in service to you as we do with every customer we presently work with, whether big or small. Please feel free to contact us!

Welcome to contact us for best offer! Please Feel Free To Send Your Any Questions Details Below. Click "Send"!

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